Zeev Zi Pear was born in Israel in April 1959. Soon after completing his studies, He joined the Israel Defense Forces(IDF) in 1977 as a tank driver.

The Soldier Zeev Zi Pear

In the 1978 South Lebanon Conflict (also called “Operation Litani”), Zeev Zi-Pear fought as a soldier. The Operation was launched by Israel to push Palestinian militant groups, chiefly the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), away from the Israeli border.

In 1982, Zeev Zi Pear was again called up to join the military operation named “the invasion” or the 1982 Lebanon War started by the ID Fatter repeated militant attacks by the PLO in Israel. In this war, IDF occupied South Lebanon to eventually remove PLO militia from Lebanon.

For his substantial role in both the battles, Zeev Zi-Pear was duly honored by the government of Israel.

The Entrepreneur and Successful Restaurateur Zeev Zi Pear

In the early 1980’s, Zeev Zi Pear picked a different career path and became an entrepreneur and restaurateur. In co-ownership, he opened a restaurant named ‘The Kiosk’ in Tel Aviv, a city in Israel well known for its high-grade restaurants and thriving night life.

With its high-quality French food and friendly environment, the Kiosk quickly became one of the most popular restaurants in Tel Aviv and later throughout Israel gained fame among well-known media celebs, artists, journalists and government officials.

The Property Investor and the Portfolio Manager Zeev Zi-Pear

Despite of having a well running restaurant, Zeev Zi-Pear was not satisfied. He realized that he was missing something in life and this was not all that he had to do. So, in 1984, he decided to explore the world and traveled around Egypt and Europe including Greece and Italy.

Eventually, when he reached the United Kingdom (UK),he got influenced by the international and cosmopolitan atmosphere of London, the capital of UK, which made him feel at home. So, he planned to settle down in London and laid the foundations of his own property business there. Since then, he has been working hard and constantly making investments in rental apartments in Central London which he rents out to professional tenants.

Now, he owns and manages more than 100 rental properties in London working as a successful property investor and portfolio manager. His primary focus lies on providing comfortable and well-maintained apartments to his tenants. As a result, he is quite popular among his tenants who prefer to live in his properties for several years without any grievances.

According to Ritu Chadu, one of Zeev’s tenants living in his Central London apartments in St. Stephens Gardens in London W2 since 2014, Zeev Zi-Pear is a brilliant landlord. She says that all the maintenance and repair tasks of her home are addressed immediately because her apartment is professionally managed by an independent company. She praises Zeev for being a complete professional and his generous natureand expresses her pleasure to live in one of his apartments.

One more tenant, Felipe Noriega, living in a different property of Zeevfor 16 years since 2005, has the same views for Zeev. According to him, the friendly nature of Zeev makes him comfortable to get along with him. Impressed by his caring attitude and sense of responsibility towards his tenants, He states that Zeev has kept his home well-maintained all through the years.

The Philanthropist Zeev Zi-Pear

Zeev Zi-Pear also works with several charities and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) across the globe.

However, he has a special connection with Cystic Fibrosis Trust (CFT), a charity in the UK providing information and support to those suffering with the Cystic Fibrosis (CF) disease which affects nearly 10,600 people in the country. CF is a progressive, inherited life threatening medical condition that damages the lungs, digestive system and other organs in the body because of a faulty gene which causes the fluids to get thick and sticky, causing symptoms throughout the body.

Zeev Zi-Pear started to support the CFT as one of his close family friend’s child is suffering from the genetic condition.

He also provides funds to the ABC Foundation, a charity offering support to young children in India by assisting them in accessing education and employment opportunities. This cause is also very close to Zeev’s heart because as a single father, he himself brought up his three children alone.

So, from being a brave soldier to becoming a successful entrepreneur and then transforming into a well-known real estate investor, the story of Zeev Zi-Pear says all about his dedication, commitment and hard worktowards his career and life.