Structuring and managing your property portfolio and investments in the UK is not an easy task. Purchasing properties and building your real estate portfolio needs proper strategy and guidance. Investors always want to earn maximum profitability from their real estate portfolio to achieve their financial goals. But, often they make mistakes in managing their property portfolio, which can be avoided if done with due diligence. With correct guidance and advice you can easily manage your property portfolio in tax efficient manner.

With a background in the Israeli Army and as an entrepreneur, Zeev Zi Pear own a successful restaurant, the Kiosk, in Tel Aviv. He moved to London in the early eighties and worked hard to establish my own property portfolio in the UK capital. Zeev Zi Pear have been investing in rental apartments for over three decades and now owns over 100 rental properties in London and is well known successful property investor. Having a number or properties in UK is a great thing, but yes it comes up with several challenges too. From his vast experience and knowledge, Zeev Zi Pear is guiding you and providing you the guidance which will help you find your own property investment strategy.

  • Do not invest in only one type of property and in only one area. Always invest in different types of properties located at various locations. Try to invest in properties located nearby, especially if you are managing on your own and save your time and travelling costs. From different type of properties, I mean to invest in studio apartments, flats, commercial rentals, family houses etc. This will help you not to block your heard earned money in only part of the real estate market.
  • Be aware of all new property laws and rules and make sure that you follow all. This could be easily managed if you hire a property manager or property Management Company as their main work is to assist investors in expanding and managing their property portfolio.
  • Keep your documents and property related papers organized and handy. As you are handling multiple properties, it is important to have all documents at one place but in separate folders. These documents could be gas certificate, rent checks, water certificates, inventory, deposits, agreements, finances, accounting reports, etc. Manage all rental payments, deposits and inventories.
  • Make sure that you perform frequent checks to keep a check on working condition of all wiring, boiler, etc. All are completely safe. No leakage or spillage is there. Taking care of the property both from inside and outside is important.
  • Take high net worth home insurance to secure yourself from risk and to protect your portfolio. Whether you are owing just one property or bunch of properties, it is important to take high net worth home insurance to protect yourself from risk exposure.

Do not make all investments alone, you can always work with more investors or private lenders. This will help in lessening the financial burden on your shoulders. Working with more real estate professionals and investors will increase your knowledge too. You can make good network of contractors, investors, financers, accounts professionals, this way you will be able to keep a track on new deals, new developments and undoubtedly, it will help you in managing your property portfolio as well.