No investment comes without risk. Rental income looks good and it remains strong in 2022 as well. But you need to get your strategies ready before you take the final decision. Considering future plans is the key while investing. Investing is safe as UK property market is in better health in year 2022. But, if you want to play safe and earn good profits this year, then make long term investments. It is always a good option where you can see good returns of your money.

Zeev Zi Pear always believes in one success mantra – Do your research, explore all opportunities, calculate returns, make a constructive plan and execute! Plan and Invest.

Let’s understand, according to Zeev Zi Pear, what factors are important to consider for investing in a buy to let property. Let’s discover whether buy-to-let is still a good investment in 2022.

1. Understand your Local Market –

Research and planning is the key to invest. Therefore, take time to explore and understand your local market. You cannot invest in an unknown area just for the sake of good returns. It is advisable to get to know all details about the area by talking to other landlords, consulting letting agents and searching over the internet. Make sure that the area is popular and is close to all basic amenities required for comfortable living. For example, the area must be close to schools, universities, parks, markets, easy transport links, etc. Location plays a very important role in attracting the prospective tenants.

2. Find Right Property –

Once you have finalized the area where to buy property, the next step is to find a right type of property. Search for the decent properties with good sized living space and rooms. Properties with gardens are in demand. Property with parking is also a good option. Check out for layout and exterior of home as well. Make sure that the property is safe to live in as the purpose of letting out is not limited to make profit but to provide a safe and secure home to tenants.

3. Checking Finances and Mortgaging –

Checking that the property you are buying is safe for securing a mortgage is important as many mortgage lenders have restrictions on loans for HMOs. It is recommended to work out on your finances such as how much you can borrow; rental returns that can be generated from buy to let property. Check out the mortgage deals with attractive rates.

4. Landlord Responsibilities –

As a landlord, your role is not limited to invest and make money from your let out property, but you are responsible for providing a safe living environment, free from hazards and defects to the tenants. Make sure that the property is in good condition. No broken windows, leaking pipes, molds, pest, etc. are there. You need to make sure that there is no disruption in water and electricity. The landlord is entitled to carry out all repairs and ensure safety of gas, electronic appliances and furniture. A landlord is responsible for repairing a rental property, the list includes