Maintaining a rental property is not an easy task, it involves many tasks such as keeping electric systems working, executing repairs, adhering all legal compliances related to rent, ensuring proper functioning of electric appliances, checking conditions of water supply, gas certificate, etc. As a landlord, it is very important for you to keep yourself updated about all laws, rules and regulations and keeping rental property up to date.

A landlord should always be ready to listen to the tenants and resolve their issues related to condition of rental property. Respond to tenants timely. A landlord’s responsibility does not end by giving rental home on rent, but in real terms, it starts from there. Landlords must ensure safety of tenants and maintenance of rented property. There are certain legal obligations of a landlord related to maintaining and rental property and making it comfortable for tenants to live in. Zeev Zi Pear strongly believes that a landlord should provide habitable unit to a tenant. A landlord is responsible for repairing a rental property, the list includes –

1. Make your rental property safe and clean –

Install lighting and provide adequate lighting in the home to make it safe. Make sure that all bulbs or lights are working properly. All building fixtures and wires are safe. All doors and windows have locks in working condition. Keep hazardous materials away from home. Keep rented property clean by performing deep cleaning of the home frequently. Make rented property pest free and hazard free. If there is any garage or pool or patio, make sure it is clean too.

2. Provide all necessary facilities to tenants –

Zeev Zi Pear’s main focus is always on providing safe, peaceful and living environment for their tenants. As a landlord, you must ensure that you provide all necessary heating, electric, plumbing, hot and cold water facilities to your tenants to make their living comfortable. This could be as simple as ensuring that your rental property has heat in winters, air condition in summers, supply of hot and cold water without any fail. Provide all necessary appliances such as washer, dryer, stove, refrigerator, etc. Make sure that these systems work properly, if any issues arise due to their non functioning, you will get them back in working condition as soon as possible.

3. Undertake all repairs timely –

As and when tenant reports any issues related to cracked walls, dampen walls, visible molds, any water leakages, cracked or busted pipes, occurrence of termites, defective smoke detectors or water heaters, etc. You need to respond on priority and get it rectified as soon as possible. Do not delay in taking action for any urgent repair as they make living uncomfortable and unsafe for tenants. This will reduce chances of any further damage to the property. A landlord is obligated to repair any malfunction or damage caused to the property which is not by the fault of the tenant.

4. Ensure safety of tenants –

Maintain tenant safety by following all legal requirements applicable in your area. Make sure you take all reasonable steps to ensure safety of tenants. This includes performing background check of potential tenants, removing hazards from the property, providing all safety equipment’s, providing notice of entry, etc.

5. Make property checks as and when any tenant moves out –

Whenever any tenant moves out, check the condition of your rented property before giving it on rent again. Fix all normal wear and tear issues such as white wash, stained carpets, loose wiring, and removal of any termite or mold. Zeev Zi Pear recommends every landlord to keep a check on condition of your rented property as this will help in minimizing unexpected repairs. We cannot assume that the property is in good condition unless we have a physical check.