It is not always possible for home owners to sell fully furnished or furnished property. Sometimes, you just have no option rather than selling an empty home. There could be many reasons for owing and marketing empty property. Empty properties in London are still being sold, and people are buying too. It may seem tough to sell an empty property. But, Zeev Zi Pear has shared some tips for marketing empty London property. Let’s have a look-

1. Make your Home Attractive –

The main struggle in selling an empty property is its look and appearance. As for any property purchased, visuals plays a big role in making their purchase decision as they can visualize everything from size of the room to placements of furniture in a home. Photographs of empty room do not tell a story, they do not attract the buyers. The best way to make an impression on buyers is to make your home attractive. You can work on the exterior of the home to make it more appealing to the eyes. You can go for home staging services to attract buyers.

2. Make your Home Clean –

Empty home does not mean that you take it as a store room and make it unpleasant. When your home is empty, it becomes home to all dust, rats and insects. Discard all junk, remove all unwanted stuff from home, and give it a deep clean. A fresh coat of paint can give a new look to your empty home. Check that all cupboards and other appliances, if available in property are in working condition. Make sure your walls, flooring and any other surface is clean and tidy. Get those dirty windows clean and if possible, get curtains or blinds, to attract buyer’s attention. As buyers just see an empty home as an empty space. Create the feeling of your property feels like a home.

3. Make Regular Visits to Home –

An empty home welcomes all types of crime, thefts, disasters such as fire, wind, lightning etc. in addition to dust and stinking smell. Therefore, it is important to pay regular and frequent visit to your empty property and keep the property in good condition. Keep yourself updated about the health of your home. Keep all security systems activated and double check your locks, windows and all other access points. It will help in detecting any damage caused to the property and gives you a chance to resolve issues and minimizing further damages. You can actually purchase vacant home insurance to protect your house.

4. Create Online Listings and use Social Media –

Creating online listing and marketing your property is the best way of reaching buyers across the country. But, before posting online, you need to make your listings strong and attractive. Do not just post empty home photographs showing bare walls, or cracks or any other imperfections. Post good pictures of home exterior followed by the positive points of your property like showing garage space, patio etc.

Write good description to connect buyers emotionally. Mention all features of your property. If your property is located in a great location, then use location as unique selling point. You need to make your property look like a home to attract buyers. Use social media as well to market your property.